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SN 15016 · REG LV-TBD

Aluminium alloy and bonded panel fuselage
Semi-monocoque aluminium alloy tail boom
Reinforced skid type landing gear – black colour
Two (2) hinged jettisonable crew doors (LH and RH)
Two (2) sliding passenger doors (LH and RH), 1.10 m opening, with jettisonable windows
Passenger short foot step (LH and RH)
Polycarbonate windshield and side azure coloured windows
Overhead cockpit azure coloured windows
Lower cockpit azure coloured windows
Removable composite tail rotor gearbox fairing
Quick removable tail rotor drive shaft cover
Separate baggage compartment with hinged door
Three (3) jacking points
Removable fairing and cowlings, for complete accessibility to the controls and drive components
Quick opening hinged inspection doors, to allow visual check of engine oil levels and maintenance inspection points
Grounding point

Rotors and Controls
Titanium main rotor hub, corrosion protected, fully articulated with four (4) composite grips, four (4) elastomeric bearings, four (4) individually interchangeable composite material blades, swept tips, and dampers
Steel tail rotor hub, corrosion protected, semi-rigid delta hinged type, with two (2) composite blades, individually interchangeable
Cyclic and collective controls powered by two (2) hydraulic systems
Hydraulically powered anti-torque system
Adjustable friction devices on cyclic and collective system
Force trim and artificial feel system
Adjustable directional control pedals
Flapping and droop restraint mechanism

Power Plant and Fuel System
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6B-37A turbo-shaft engine
Engine mounted fuel pump and filter assembly
Engine mounted oil pump and filter assembly
Engine mounted fuel control and governor
Electronic Engine Control (EEC)
Lubrication and cooling system
One (1) engine oil chip detector
Engine mounted fuel heater
Fuel system control panel
3-cell crash-resistant fuel system
Submerged fuel pumps (two [2] boost and one [1] transfer pump)
RH refuelling point

Transmission / Drive System and Hydraulic System
917 shp for take-off and 900 shp continuous operation main transmission
2-stage transmission
Two (2) transmission mounted hydraulic pumps with separate reservoir
Internal dry sump transmission lubrication with pressure and scavenge pump and oil filter
Two (2) transmission oil chip detectors
Single stage, bevel gear T/R 90° gear box including oil level sight glass and chip detector
Transmission cooling and lubrication system
Transmission shafts

Electrical System
28 Ah nickel-cadmium battery with temperature probe
200 A self-cooled starter generator
Voltage regulator
Battery relay
Interconnecting bus relay
External power relay
Distribution buses (2)
External power receptacle
Position lights
Two (2) LED landing lights
Two (2) anti-collision lights
Two (2) cockpit utility lights
Instrument lights
Radio master switch

Avionic Package
Garmin G1000NXi Integrated Flight Deck system comprising:
– Two (2) GDU-1050H display units providing a Primary Flight Display (PFD) and a Multifunction Display (MFD) and integrating:
· Flight Management System (FMS)
· Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
· Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)
· Radio tuning controls
– Two (2) GEA-71BH Aircraft Interface Unit
– GRS-7800 AHRS
– GDC-72H Air Data Computer (ADC)
– Two GIA-64H Integrated Avionics Units (IAU) comprising:
· COM 1&2
· NAV 1&2
· GPS 1&2
· Aural Alert Generator
– Transponder GTX-345R Mode-S/ADS-B dual mode 1090 Extended Squitter (ES) ADS-B Out plus 1090 and 978 ADS-B In compliant position source (WAAS/GPS)
– Airframe Hour meter
– Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) data logging
Radar Altimeter GRA-55
Digital Audio Control System (DACS) COBHAM with two (2) cockpit panels
Magnetic Compass indicator
L3 Avionics System EFD 750 Electronic Standby Indicator

Systems Data (on PFD/MFD)
Inter turbine gas temperature indicator (ITT°C) (on MFD)
Power index (on PFD)
Engine torque indicator (TQ%) (on MFD)
Compressor speed indicator (N1%) (on MFD)
Turbine speed indicator (N2%)
Rotor speed indicator (NR%)
Transmission oil pressure (PSI) and temperature (°C) indicator
Engine oil pressure (PSI) and temperature (°C) indicator
Fuel pressure (PSI) and fuel quantity (kg) indicator
Two (2) hydraulic pressure system indicators (PSI)
Outside air temperature indicator (°C) (on PFD)
DC voltmeter (VDC)
DC ammeter (Amp)

Central Warning System (CWS)
Master warning lights
Master caution lights
Warning, caution and advisory messages on PFD display
Aural alerts

Interior Arrangement
Pilot and co-pilot seats, fore and aft adjustable, with lap belts and headrests
Aluminium alloy honeycomb reinforced floor with anti-skid finishing
Ventilation ram air inlets
Anti-reflection instrument panel

Exterior Finishing
Finishing in accordance with manufacturer specification
Primer exterior painting


Standard Equipment
Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets (pilot and co-pilot)
Baggage compartment lights
Crew open door actuators
First aid kit
Fuel drain electrical valves
Portable fire extinguisher
Quick disconnecting chip detectors
Shoulder harness with inertial reels (pilot and co-pilot)
Tail boom strake

Additional Avionic Equipment
AC power supply system (two [2] inverters)
AFCS 3-axis duplex SP-711 Honeywell
Emergency Locator Transmitter

Additional Equipment
Baggage compartment extension (1.9 m) It may be affected by avionic customization
Dual controls
Fuel cap with key-lock
Reinforced windshields (pilot and co-pilot)
Rotor brake
Sliding windows on cockpit doors
Windshield wipers (pilot and co-pilot) with wiper switch on cyclic grips
Hourmeter (engine run-time)
Pulsed chip detectors In lieu of quick disconnecting chip detectors.

Interior Trim
Bleed air heater
Primer finished cabin walls

Standard painting and finishing
– Up to 4 colours from LHD selection
– Painting scheme and finishing from LHD selection
– Registration marks and logos (decal)

Miscellaneous / Ground Equipment
Air intake / exhaust covers
Ground tools kit (including tow bar, ground wheels, lifting tool)
Pitot tube cover
Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) (hard copy) and technical publications (soft copy)
Tie-down fitting (main rotor retention straps)


Interior Equipment – Cabin

1X-A-020-3CM VIP interior – 6 places
– Soundproofing
– Leatherette covered liners
– Seats covered with leather
– 3 aft facing seats (central bench)
– 3 fwd facing seats (aft bench)
– 3-point shoulder harness with inertial reels and safety belts for all passenger seats
– Reading lights, advisory lights
– Cabin loudspeakers
– Headset Bose ANR type (Qty 6)
– Floor carpeting

Avionics Equipment
1X-K-070-5CM TAS GTS 800 Garmin

Utility Equipment
1X-K-151-3CM Air conditioning
1X-K-101-6CM 230 USgal fuel system
In lieu of 160 USgal
1X-K-103-6CM Baggage compartment extension (2.3 m)

Finishing – Painting
1X-K-001-8CM Customized painting and finishing
Customized colours
Customized painting scheme and finishing
Registration marks and logos


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